Best 5 Animal Simulator Games for Android #14

Sea Turtle Simulator
Survive against sharks, octopus, stingrays, Orca, seagulls, and Dolphins in this high action Sea Turtle simulator. The goal of the game is to search and rescue all four members of your sea turtle family and defeat all 5 enemy bosses. You will see your family on your home beach. Use the call button when you need help. Survive against shark attacks, Orca attacks, and even giant bird strikes. The more successful you are at hunting, the more meat points you will earn. You then will use these meat points to upgrade. Fun sounds and animations included. This animal simulator has been designed for all ages. Don't forget to upgrade your animal!

Real Panther Simulator 2018 Animal Hunting Games
Welcome to the panther simulator and ready to panther games fight in the animal attacks for the fantasy battle simulator of black panther games. Choose from the variety of animals in the animal simulator game and enter the animal simulator games for beast battles between the wild animal simulator.

Crocodile Simulator Attack Game 3D
Hurry up! Play this top crocodile game with multiple twist and crocodile adventures. Only in one free 3d game enjoy forest, crocodile’s water, Island, and family of crocodiles. Control your ravenous crocodile in water and attack on various wild animals. This attack 3d game is an awesome and new crocodile game for 2019.

Pet World – My Animal Hospital – Dream Jobs: Vet
Lacerations, torn muscle fibers and mosquito bites – cute animals in need require your help! As a respected veterinarian, you can take care of sweet pets such as dogs, monkeys, alpacas, and pandas. Manage your own hospital and research new diseases and treatments.

Dog Survival Simulator
All New Update! Full app makeover - now with Multiplayer!! Still the same fun Dog Survival game - we've just added tons of improvements. Survive against the other wild dogs in this high action dog simulator. The name of the game is survival. Take control of this Doberman and hunt down the enemy dogs. Dogs included are Doberman, Sheepdog, Dalmatian, Wolf Hound, German Shepherd, and Bulldog. Fun sounds and animations included. This animal simulator has been designed for all ages. Start this ultimate game of survival now!

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