Best 5 Taxi Driving Simulator Games for Android #13

Airport Vehicle Simulator
This free simulation game combines the thrills of an airport bus simulator with other types of airport staff vehicles, such as the aircraft tug, airport taxi and even big trucks.
Few people get the chance to drive airport vehicles in real life, but with the help of Airport Vehicle Simulator you can experience the sensation of driving an airport passenger bus or an airplane tug.

Halloween Night Taxi Driver 3D Car Driving Games
In night mode, join the Halloween fun and excitement of driving a yellow cab. This is your chance to drive under the light of dark moon while playing this Halloween adventure game. In this Halloween themed game, passengers can be vampires, zombies, witches and pumpkin head ghosts. Become the best day night cab driver in ghost town. Drive cars on the night highway at top speed to transport people with halloween makeup.

Taxi Driving Simulator
Dodge, ram and weave your way through the crazy city traffic to unlock bigger and faster vehicles and find new taxi fares. Don't feel like rushing? Well, take a Sunday drive or head off road in search of the hundreds of secret upgrades!
Maybe tearing up the streets in a lighting fast Bugatti is your style, or maybe it's a 3 ton armored Humvee with a plow? Play it your way and wreak havoc on the city if you have to.

City 3D Duty Taxi Driver
Do you like taxi driving games real taxi driving experience without any kind of flashy special effects then this taxi city simulator 3D is a super fun game for you. You drive around in the 3D fictional town. It’s a simulator and you’ll have to observe the laws, take care that you make sure your passengers are dropped off in time. Pick up passengers and be on time.

Taxi Driver 2
Feel the thrill of Taxi racing
Challenge the best
- Ordinary Taxi Driving + Challenging Race.
- Top View, Easy Control
- Taxi, and more taxi."

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