Best 5 Taxi Driving Simulator Games for Android #12

Metro Bus Game : Bus Simulator
Here is a modern metro bus 3d simulator and heap taxi drive sim 2018 game in which you will find and drive 3 types of modern vehicles like metro bus, taxicab simulator and mini bus. enjoy the 3 in 1 package free and become the best van driver. This game also include 3 kinds of environment modes i.e. Rainy, Day and night. Drive the bus in thrilling day, dangerous night and rainy environment on hill roads in huge traffic. If you want to become Delhi metro bus expert driver then I will recommend you to play this metro bus taxi game.

Luxury Limousine Car Taxi Driver: City Limo games
Who’s ready to take on the big challenge of being a luxury car taxi driver to drive a limousine? Say hello to our latest addition Luxury Limousine Car Taxi Driver: City Limo games. Driving grand limo luxury cars in a small city rush environment is not easy! VIP limo celebrity chauffeur service for the rich and famous will be an impossible limo zero rush luxury driving experience! You have a limo taxi fleet with multiple limos to choose from in this limo car driving 3D luxury limousine adventure. City Gas Station and drive luxury car to refill fuel at the city highway service station. So, get ready to be the luxury limo taxi driver in a car simulator that celebrities would use in the little big city action limo games 2018.

Driver Taxi in Crimea
Driving Taxi in the Crimea - a control simulator Taxi to the wonderful peninsula of Crimea!
You need to deliver people to a large and beautiful city!
Imagine that the city belongs to the Crimea!
I dreamed to go there? Or just like the driver's profession? Then our application will please you!
Ride around the city and transported people, the more and faster to deliver, the more points you earn and the money!
Kopi coins and spend them on new taxi cars!

Furious Taxi Driver 2015
Get ready for the ultimate taxi driver mania 3d racing game. This furious car driving game will change how you think about taxi simulator games. When playing this mobile device game you will notice that there is a unique combination of both 3d simulation games and 3d racing games. Playing a taxi race simulator will never be the same again. No more driving a slow yellow cab.

Loop Taxi
Pick up passengers as a taxi driver, race your way carefully in traffic and drop off passengers at the next bus stop. The more passengers you transport, the more gold you earn!
Experience different cars with various speed and capacity in unique worlds, pick up in game bonuses and try to transport as much passenger as you can.
Pay attention to environment and traffic rules, stay away from other vehicles and try not to crash.
Watch out, don't get caught to tow truck while waiting in the traffic jam!

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