Best 5 Off-road Driving Simulator Games for Android #12

Truck Simulator OffRoad 4
Off-road challenges starting again! We are here with improved physic engine to give you most extreme off-road truck game! With Truck Simulator Offroad 4, you are going to have one of the most realistic simulation game.
Drive your trucks in to the challanging routes, enjoy awesome environment, feel living nature, cross deadly rivers and save stucked vehicles from swamps.

6x6 Offroad Truck Driving Simulator
Take control of 5 Big 6x6 offroad trucks (4x4 with more wheels!) in a huge forest and mountain environment : 16 km² area, 30 km of roads!
Accomplish tons of unique missions to be a top offroad driver!
!! 6x6 Offroad Truck Driving Simulator contains 20 levels !!

RC Monster Truck - Offroad Driving Simulator
Get behind the steer wheel of your 4x4 RC Big Monster Truck and get ready to do literally what you want on the road and the asphalt. Skids, jumps, smash cars, rocks, stunts and even a miniature cannon with an underground circuit. Use pipes work to jump as high as possible in this radio control simulator racing games and the make the coolest stunts and drifting.

Suv Jeep Rivals Prado Racing
It's time to play best jeep driving game in offroad from one place to another like hill station. Enjoy the jeep driving in water and mud with best jeep engine physics in this 4x4 dirt track, forest and mountains. This jeep driving sim same as the Monster 4x4 jeep and provide you a offer with offers great variety of 4x4 high engine power vehicles. enjoy beautiful but almost impossible mountain road to drive and drive the best 4x4 Jeep models in this offroad jeep simulator 2018. 

Off-Road Desert Edition 4x4
Off-Road Desert Edition 4x4 is a physics engine game.
If you like Simulator Games with open world map try it!!!
-Dynamic Shadows
-Realistic Sand dust
-HD Texture
-5 Off-Road vehicles
-Realistic physics
-Real 4x4
-Easy controller

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