Best 5 Animal Simulator Games for Android #11

Wild Elephant Sim 3D
Try yourself as Elephant in the most advanced Elephant simulator game you have ever seen! Survive in the wilderness as long as you can. Start your own herd of elephants, fight against other animals, become very powerful!

Animal Zoo: Construct & Build Animals World
Download animal park construction and simulation for FREE created by Sablo Games! If you love to Animal Zoo Construction & building game this zoo simulator game will suit you the best. Enjoy the city zoo animals transport simulator games where you are given the chance to prove your strategy of zoo construction and animal truck driving. You are on the mission to make a real zoo keeper in this pet world animal baby’s entertainment. Do cute animal’s city zoo construction site in the best possible way and enjoy this cool dino world construction game. If you are ready to transport wild animals, download and play animal rescue in this ultimate safari park Jurassic zoo game.

Horse Stable: Herd Care Simulator
Become a horse owner in our new animal simulator! Raise and groom an entire horse herd on your farm and see if it fits for survival in the wild. Horse Stable: Herd Care Simulator if full of animals adventures and funny stuff to do with your horse herd!

Blocky Animals Simulator horse, pig and more
Welcome to the world of blocky animals! Craft survival strategy, complete crazy quests and enjoy life in blocky world with new animals simulator. Loads of fun and challenge await in Blocky Animals Simulator - a loony animals survival simulator!

Koala Family Simulator try Australian wildlife
Sleepy koala family has a busy life in our animal survival simulator! How such a cute animal lives in the nature of Australia, land of extreme wild life? By completing quests, creating a koala family and doing other funny stuff in the survival simulator. Start your crazy animal live in the wild nature of Australia!

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