Best 5 Truck Driving Simulator Games for Android #42

City Truck Driving Simulator
City Truck Driving Simulator lets you drive big transporter trucks on busy city streets! Transport important cargo on time to destinations throughout the hustle and bustle of busy city traffic!
Upgrade and unlock better new trucks to drive and haul cargo! Experience all-new truck driving simulators like never before, with fun realistic truck and trailer driving physics and forklift cargo physics!
Explore the open city as an transport trucker or deliver expensive sports cars on time! The possibilities are endless as an expert truck driver; make up your own rules out on the crazy city streets!

Garbage Truck Driver
If you want to clean your city ?
City Garbage Truck Driver is right game to learn how to clean a city and maintain healthy and hygienic environment. Clean up all rubbish from the city by collecting trash bin mess from different locations and reach your destination with all the garbage use dump truck to dispose trash. Drive garbage trucks around the city, following your route find and collecting garbage from route and than finally , reach dump station with all the garbage to successfully completed the level.

Extreme Off-Road 4x4 Logging Truck: Highway Driver
Drive authentic euro 4x4 off-road truck in best simulation games for 2018, sit behind heavy truck to climb tallest mountains. Take the toughest job of transporter off-roaad driver in the city. Deliver heavy cargo on huge 6x6 off-road trailer trucks. Drive grand hilux trucks on offroad tracks and maintain heavy load of cargo container and tree logs. Go to lumberjack and pick up some wood logs to load into your lumber trucker. Drive timber lorry and logging trucks on steep mountainous tracks to deliver them in downhill town. The bumpy terrain has narrow roads with mud and sharp turns uphill, which makes it impossible for heavy American truck driver to control the wheels. Remember that speed driving on Rocky Mountains is difficult especially on rugged terrain and treacherous path.

Truck Sim 2019
In Extreme Trucks Sim 2019, driving a big truck can never be a easy simulation task. Show your skills and finish all the jobs in time. Travel across many difficult routes and complete your missions safely in given time. Paths are difficult to drive on but you can handle this job with your perfect simulator game driving skills. This truck simulator game delivers an exciting driving experience that will make you feel like realistic riding physics of cargo vehicles.
Jump into truck, drive safely on curvy and dangerous hilly tracks and reach at destination to score high. Upgrade stunning cargo vehicles as you wish. Best game with easy and smooth controls. Prepare to be amazed with the realistic physics and the beautiful scenario we created for you in the Extreme Trucks simulator game.

Truck Simulator Offroad Trailer Driver Uphill 2018
Control your favorite truck or modern trailers in this awesome Truck Simulator Off road Trailer Driver Uphill 2018! Become the most wanted big rig driver while you complete all the nerve wrecking cargo transport missions. Driving your big rig through the hill climbing environment was never so challenging as in this uphill driving trailer simulator 2018.
Fond of driving long vehicles!!! Then sit behind the long wheel truck and fulfill your thirst of driver console. Become a real truck driver. Drive the long truck simulator to the defined destination and deliver the goods carefully. The best and most beautiful truck and trailers game. The hill climbing missions of this transport truck driver simulator are amazing and full of unexpected challenges. Control your big rig through the amazing off road mountain roads and let the other hill climb drivers know that you are the king of the mountains. Maintain balance and accuracy in your oil transport tanker truck is a must.

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