Best 5 Taxi Driving Simulator Games for Android #10

TAXI Game - New York
Be the Best Taxi Driver Ever in this Open World Game !!!
Download this amazing Taxi Simulator and have fun driving at high speed in the traffic of New York City Open World Map !!!
• Open World Map
• 3D Amazing Graphics
• Lots of Missions to Complete
• Game full of Action
• Free Download
• Realistic Graphics and Sounds
• Online Leaderboard

City Taxi Cab Driving Simulator
Drive real, fast taxi cabs and pick up taxi fares across the city in the most realistic taxi driving simulator available! Drive up to the location of the latest person to pick up and drive as fast as you can to the next destination on time. Experience action-packed taxi cab driving as you race against the clock to collect the tips from passengers in one of the best city taxi games!

Flying Taxi car simulator
Ever dreamed to drive a flying vehicle? ever wanted to drive a flying taxi? here you go, Flying Taxi 2016 gives you a chance to drive a flying cab. board your passengers and fly over beautiful city with amazing 3D graphics and environment. This fly taxi game will give you experience of airplane and luxury taxi flying game at the same time.
This game is perfect for you!ow you can drive your super sports car do stunts and drifts in dirty off-road or fly your car like an airplane, feel like a professional aircraft flight pilot.You are free in a world that you can do what you want.
With this Flying Taxi 2016 flying simulation game will give you opportunity to show your skills as a pilot, not an airplane pilot but a flying car pilot, you may see some flying police cars and flying sports car and trucks around you in the air. Show your driving ability and pilot skills at the same time.

Taxi Driving Game 2018: Taxi Yellow Cab Driving 3D
We assume that you’re crazy about parking and simulation games. Try the new simulation and parking game Crazy Yellow Taxi Driving Game 2018: Taxi Cab 3D. Drive crazy taxi on uphill off-road areas and make money. Crazy to be an pro taxi driver. You may travel in yellow taxi cab but never have been on a taxi driving seat. Game blast studio offer you to drive your own taxi yellow cab on zigzag uphill off-road mountainous areas. Drive multiple yellow and green taxi cars and make money. Your job is very simple you have a private call for a ride. Go to the pickup point by follow the GPS mini map to find the destination.

Pro TAXI Driver Crazy Car Rush
Its time to fasten your seat belt and get ready for the city crazy drive with extreme taxi cab driving skills to escape and rescue mafia gangsters & robbery criminals. An extreme crazy driving simulator concept with furious taxi cab driving in passenger pick & drop game. Speed up your taxi car, drive through the big city traffic, pick up the passengers and drop them off at their destinations. Get crazy with your taxi drive, speed and drift. This is the amazing taxi game with taxi driving and customer transport. Not only you play as a simple cab driver but you drive like crazy on the street with traffic while you chase down criminals. Yes, feel the duty of a cop when your customer is a gangster. Sometime your duty might turn around as you take criminals on your taxi and your speed is fast enough to get away from cop cars.

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