Best 5 Animal Simulator Games for Android #10

Dragon Sim Online: Be A Dragon
Adventure with powerful dragons and become the ultimate magical creature in Dragon Sim Online, the fantasy RPG that puts you in the powerful wings of a dragon!
Raise a family, hunt to feed the little dragons, and live on through your brood. Your own children are playable and customizable, so your bloodline will always live on! Join online players to explore, fight and level up in a massive fantasy world! Discover and master all 4 elements of the dragons to reign supreme!

Flying Animals wild Simulator
Flying Animals wild Simulator
Enjoy the the Unlimited Adventure of Flying. Fly your favorite animal.
In this unique game you can flying crazy animals like army helicopter or plane. Play as Ultimate Flying real wild forest animal. It not a Shooting, Action, Racing, Puzzle, hunting, war, gunner, sniper, demolition, military, mystery type game but here first time you see this kind of flying simulator game.

Dog Survival Simulator
All New Update! Full app makeover - now with Multiplayer!! Still the same fun Dog Survival game - we've just added tons of improvements. Survive against the other wild dogs in this high action dog simulator. The name of the game is survival. Take control of this Doberman and hunt down the enemy dogs. Dogs included are Doberman, Sheepdog, Dalmatian, Wolf Hound, German Shepherd, and Bulldog. Fun sounds and animations included. This animal simulator has been designed for all ages. Start this ultimate game of survival now!

Sea Animal Kingdom: War Simulator
Welcome to sea monster battle simulator: epic battle having a unique gameplay of the sea animals fighting in a beast battle. This Sea Animal Kingdom Battle: War Simulator with war strategy of battle simulator giving a new experience of epic battle games. Do you know about epic battle animal kingdom & simulator strategy war having a totally accurate battle simulator strategy of war simulator in epic war games? Sea animal simulator with crab simulator, crocodile simulator, orca whale, and shark attack in epic war simulator games. In this sea monster & killer whale attack just imagine that you are a hero of underwater battle. And it’s time to save underwater sea animal as it has been attacked by your enemies in sea animal games. Select from a variety of fighters and place them in the battleground. Your opponents are equipped with sea animal warriors in killer whale attack. Use your orca attack games fighting skills and fight to claim victory. Choose your favorite mode single player or sandbox and start playing with epic battle strategy. Its upgrade feature will allow you to get more advanced matchmaking algorithms. Different epic characters of war simulator i.e., dolphin, shark, crab, hungry crocodile, starfish have different amazing epic skills. You are an epic warrior of real battle simulator and you have the ability to defeat the enemy by epic battle war strategy. Enjoy the fun of Sea Animal Kingdom Battle: War Simulator games into sea games with war strategy and be an epic hero of beast battle & killer whale games.

Deer Simulator Fantasy Jungle
Live life of wild deer in big fantasy forest and face multiple jungle adventure challenges in Deer Simulator Fantasy Jungle. Survival in multiple open world locations like desert, arctic & savanna jungle with RPG quest based action fighting gameplay. Start your challenging life in this 3D deer simulator with deer games. This deer survival has many scenarios like deer family, clan with the rabbit, revenge missions and usage of teleport power. Breed little deer fawns and take care of them, bring food for mate in deer simulator games. Starts of wild deer game the hunter killed your mother and you need to run away in deer survival game with the fusion of wild animal simulator games.

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