Best 5 Off-road Driving Simulator Games for Android #3

OffRoad Jeep Adventure 18
Off road jeep adventure 18 is a racing simulator with an exciting rush to grab feeling of thrill and driving on tricky hills, steering off-road routes and experience the adventure of driving a hummer on hill portions. 
Select your preferred jeep; drive it through a strong 3D unknown but exhilarating landscape. There are 15 levels; each has its own difficulties and hours of unlimited fun with 3D designed jeeps.
With offroad jeep adventure 18 you can clutch Hilly isle, select a car, brake or toss as per your directions, drive through water and thump into hills with a heavy vehicles. Climb up on a high hill, compete bumpy variety; get over challenging muddy off-road areas without trapping in a strain trench. 

Off-Road 4x4 Hill Driver
For all extreme car driving game lovers and daredevils: the ultimate hill speed driving test has just arrived on your mobile device. Get to drive all kind of big cargo vehicles through the off road hills. Be the best fast car hill driver the world had ever seen. Are you able to steer these big cargo vehicles through the off road hills and do some though precision driving with each one of these big cargo vehicles? Show us your fast car hill driver skills while precision driving big vehicles in this offroad simulator 4x4 challenge. Hill speed driving has never been this much fun. 
In this offroad simulator 4x4 sim, you can choose from many different big cargo vehicles before starting a new offroad simulator 4x4 challenge. You can be a fast car hill driver while being behind the wheel of a 4x4 suv, do some precision driving with a cargo truck or do some extreme car driving in a farm tractor!! AWESOME right! 
Playing this off-road 4x4 hill driving game gives you many hours of nonstop gaming fun! Each game level has its own offroad simulator 4x4 challenge. Playing hill speed driving games have never been this much fun. We promise.. 
Once you are in your 4x4 suv, cargo truck or in one of the farm tractor your level mission is to deliver the cargo towards your destination. As a hill climber you get towards your destination by following the directions on your in game screen and by simply following the hill roads. Finishing the awesome in game levels require a unique combination of precision driving and hill speed driving. Are you ready for the ultimate offroad simulator 4x4 challenge? Face the off road hills and be ready for some hill speed driving as a daredevil car hill driver.
Offroad Truck 4x4: Mud Crawler Simulator
Go to extreme offroad and become a rock crawler in a new 4x4 driving simulator! Unlike regular truck driving simulator or any driver game, new mud truck simulator is packed with true offroad drive and challenge. 4x4 and 6x6 offroad truck driving simulator will take on an ultimate driving adventure - beat mud boggind, hill climb driving and other challenge of an offroad crawler in our trucker simulator!
Features of 4x4 Off Road Trucks:
DOZENS of driving missions and offroad challenges
FOUR vast open offroad REGIONS all over the world
NUMEROUS MODELS of SUV and offroad trucks
Visible UPGRADES of tires, brakes and more
Driving career!
There’s plenty of work for an offroad driver. So join the driving company and take on the most extreme offroad missions and challenges in our driving simulator. An exciting offroad journey awaits, so get ready for some extreme driving!
Extreme offroad locations!
Offroad reagions of all continents are open for extreme driving. Mountains, woods, jungle - only the best can handle driving in world’s most extreme offroad on coolest trucks and SUV in our extreme driving simulator.
Missions and challenges!

Driving on the road is easy. Try driving relying on your skills and truck power! Become a pro in offroad driving with our extreme simulator. Get the best auto to show your best against offroad in extreme driving simulator!

Truck Evolution : Offroad 2
Feel the new endless offroad adventure starting! Feel Real Ultra graphics and Physics. 
One of the best free truck racing game on The Android.
First version was downloaded by *30 Million* people all around the world.
New Physics Engine: You will feel closest to real simulation in top level with improved physical engine. 
•Unrivaled New Style: Along with new and endless story mode, unique and different 8 atmosphere is waiting to be discovered. Adventure is waiting for you in real weather conditions are fully reflected to your vehicle with all its feeling. 
•Here are Field Monsters: 7 different types of vehicles, that are superior between each other, have specific power system, suspension structures, traction types. 
•4 Different Game Modes: Excitement awaits you in all kinds with Career, Time Challenge, Free Mode and Multiplayer. 
•3 Different Multiplayer Mode Awaits You 
Experience 3 different game modes in top level with people you don’t know from all around the world, your friends and family or people around you that plays the game but you don’t know! 
• Finishing Race: Race with others with your current vehicle and earn bitcoins and purchase better vehicles. 
• Flag Race: It doesn’t matter either your speed or finishing first, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t go to finish line without flag! Hit your rival and capture the flag and go! 
• Sky Derby: There is an arena and one salvation in the sky, send your opponent down from the sky and stay alive! 

Off road 4X4 Jeep Racing Xtreme 3D
Jeep Rally Racing game with is known for its extreme 4X4 SUV driving and thrilling safari and jungle environment. 
Offroad 4X4 Xtreme Jeep is upgraded with Nitro 4X4 Jeep Engine having the features of real 4X4 Offroad.
Furious 4X4 Driving 
Be an Extreme Furious Offroad Driver of the SUV and Jeep to clear all the level of this amazing Jeep Rally Stunt game 2017.
Your Racing Rivals are against you and you have to show your furious 4X4 driving to beat them all in this jeep rally stunt game of impossible jungle tracks.
4X4 Jeep Offroad Mania Driving 
In this 4X4 Jeep Offroad Mania Driving the jungle environment is so hard that only the pro jeep driver can survive the Offroad driving Mania jeep Rally.
Are you crazy enough for Offroad 4X4 bumpy jeep mountain hill climbing drive? If the answer is yes, then download now this Offroad 4X4 Xtreme Jeep Racing 3D jeep game and enjoy dangerous bumpy 4X4 Jeep: Jungle mountains hill drive simulation. 
Offroad 4X4 Jeep drive in dangerous mountain off-road road requires amazing driving skills and Offroad techniques. Off-road driving lovers should play this amazing Offroad 4X4 Xtreme Jeep Racing 3D and prove that you are a good driver. Extreme hill jeep 4X4 Jeep Offroad Mania Driving 2017 fulfills your dangerous drive dreams.
Offroad Stunt Racing Game 
Offroad 4x4 Jeep Racing simulator is a huge open world 4x4 vehicle (Jeep) driving sim game. Go Offroad and drive tough 4x4 Jeeps to do awesome crazy stunts. 
Join the world's best 4X4 jeep driving game on mountain roads from one hill station to another Extreme Hill. 
Enjoy the 4X4 jeep driving 2017 Rally in forest and mountains and also jeep driving in water and mud with best jeep engine physics in this 4x4 dirt track trials forest driving and parking simulator. 
This Off road 4X4 Xtreme Jeep Racing 3D Game offers an amazing variety of 4x4 high Nitro engine power vehicles like Ultra Mountain Hammer deluxe, Luxurious SUV 4X4 Prado, Safari Forest 4X4 jeep, Car Monster 4x4 climber, SUV Range XV Rover etc. 

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