Best 5 Limo Driving Simulator Games for Android #4

Limousine Taxi Driving Game
Do you love to drive limo taxi car in mountains and hilly areas? Yes you will really like it. Here is the best luxury limo taxi car waiting for you to perform taxi cab duty in mountains. Once you will drive it people turn their heads and will watch you surprisingly. You have to start limousine taxi car and stop the car on the station where the tourists or passengers will be waiting for limo taxi car. It is summer season and tourists from different places came to visit the historical and famous beautiful places in the mountains.
Your Duty: 
You as a limo taxi cab driver have to pick up those tourists and drop them on the beautiful places in the mountains so that they could enjoy the hilly areas. It is the time to show your driving skills because steep paths and sharp turns in the mountains and hilly areas are very dangerous and driving the limousine cab on such dangerous paths is full of adventure and thrilling. 
To provide Tourists Best Transporting Facility:
Tourists are in fast and want to have fast transporting facility so that they could save their time by visiting more places in short time. Just like taxi cab or limo taxi you have to perform your duty and amuse the tourists. For the first time limo car hill driving with fully smooth & realistic controls is here to amuse you. Driving 4x4 limousine car in mountains is full of fun and amusement.

Up Hill Limo Off Road Car Rush
Get ready, sit behind the wheels and enjoy luxury Limousine car drive in off road environment with up hill Limo off Road Drive. In this game you will enjoy the drive of world’s best vehicle in a scenic 3D environment. Your driving and parking skills will be tested. You must have experienced tourist bus driving but never a limo drive as a driver. Driving this long vehicle in a hilly environment brings a thrill where dangerous roads and sharp turns will wait for you. This 3D simulator is different from other vehicle driving games because you will use your vehicle as a Taxi.
Seriously? Limousine and Taxi? Yes, you are right.Up Hill limo will offer this chance to you. You will drive your taxi in off-road environment where many passengers are waiting for you. You have to give pick and drop service to tourists in this mountainous region. Passengers will be waiting for on bus station. You have to drive carefully and drop them at their destinations. Providing this transport services as a transporter will bring pleasure in your life. This 3D sim is different in this from other vehicle simulation games.
Driving heavy vehicles is always a difficult task but in off-road environment this difficulty levels increase many folds. So be very careful during this scenic journey. Your duty starts by reaching at bus station, picking up the passenger and drop him safely. This environment will give you feel like driving a 4x4 vehicle. Because, many of us can’t imagine driving a limo in this surrounding, this newest limo driving games that gives you the chance to drive something spectacular in limozin car games! The big challenge in this limo taxi driving 3d is to finish assigned missions in the specific time limit. Test your exceptional driving skills with limo driving 3d simulator in the greatest limozin car games.

Hollywood Limousine Driver SIM
Being a cab driver is a real hard practise and you need to get knowledge from every street in the big 3D city of the film capital Hollywood! Use your knowledge of the streets to taxi drive your famous clients to their destination. The football players, VIP’s and movie stars have a very busy schedule so it is your job to make sure they get in time to their meeting. Precision driving skills through the big 3D city of Hollywood was never this hard to do, practise your cab driver and city racing skills to make sure you will become the best cab driver who is the best in taxi driving!
The football players, VIP’s and movie stars are counting on your fantastic city racing practise. By completing the levels you will get a lot of money which you can invest in your taxi driving company! Complete every level and build up your fantastic taxi driving empire and maybe one day even the USA president will want you as his personal chauffeur! Get to know the majestic streets of the movie and film capital Hollywood and drive the USA president to his destination!

Party limo Driver 2015
We thought that it is a really good time to go and party, what way is better to go to a party then in real style. This is your chance drive the coolest limousines pick up the passengers that are waiting to have a wonderful time at the club. As a party limousine driver you have a fun task and that is to get these party people to the right please and in time of course. So prepare for a wild and fun ride as you drive with some of the craziest and wildest passengers ever seen.
Yeah live the high class life and feel the luxury of these limousines, control them with the tips of your fingers. So to all you driving games and parking games fans get ready for the newest insane big city adventure. VascoGames is proud to give you Party limo Driver 2015, This newest 3D taxi driver game places you behind the steering wheel of different insane looking taxis, become a limo driver. Party limo Driver 2015 is a fun taxi driver 3D limousine simulator game, start your limo driver duty today. Make long days and earn as much as possible in this crazy taxi limousine driving game, race your way through traffic, make sure you watch you don’t bump into the cars on the road. As you make your way to the final destination of your customers

3D Real Limo Parking Simulator
3D Real Limo Parking Simulator gives you a real car city experience. This limo driving 3d game is just like real car driving. This real car driving game gives you the opportunity to be a real limousine driver.
As a limousine driver you will work for a cab company that specializes in celebrities. You will be a duty driver. Of course you cannot pick these rich celebrities up in a regular yellow cab, for this you need a real luxury car. You will really be a real limousine driver. As a taxi limo driver you have a great responsibility picking up the celebrities and dropping them off safely.
In this limo driving 3d game it’s not easy driving a car in the city with other cars, especially driving in real big cities like New York and Los Angeles. These real big cities have crowded streets with lots of traffic rush and traffic panic. In real big cities like New York and Los Angeles it’s very difficult just driving a regular yellow cab, just imagine how tough it is to drive a real limousine vehicle.
Please mention the traffic rush and traffic panic while experiencing real car driving.
Now I hope you can imagine that being a real limousine driver in these big cities is a very difficult task that requires a lot of limousine driving skills.
Do you have what it takes to become a taxi limo driver in this limo driving 3d game bringing these celebrities to their VIP parties? Please remember that you are driving a luxury vehicle in a real big city and that celebrities are very difficult to please. If you drive safe you might be to slow and the celebrities will not be in time for the VIP parties.. If you drive to quick you might bump into other cars and cause damage to other cars and your luxury vehicle.. You might lose the celebrities as your customer and fail as a duty driver..

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