Best 5 Bus Driving Simulator Games for Android #17

Bus Driver - Airport
Bus Driver Airport the amazing new simulation which makes the player experience the life of a driver who works in the airport. Driving a bus has never been this fun. The flight control tower will signal you then you have to drive the transport vehicle to the air plane then the passengers will climb on then you have to drop them off at the arrival gate. The simulator is a good one for anyone who wants to earn some cash and expertise in the aviation industry game. Prove your ability as the best bus driver on the whole team. In this sim there is no city traffic but lookout for flying planes and be an excellent bus driver.

Airport Bus Driving Service 3D
Start as City bus driver, pick and drop passengers form city and get them to airport. Reach with passengers to airport. Don’t worry its not as such hectic task; passengers have no luggage with them. Just go to bus stop pick them and drop to airport. Your duty is not only to drive a bus you have to play as pilot. Reach airport, now its time to take control of airplane. Passengers will get into plane on their seats, now fly plane to destination airport. Follow the waypoints to reach next destination. Land over there safely and get the passengers to their homes. You may have experienced to fly small jet but now experience to fly jumbo airbus.
It’s not a massive but simplest and interesting gameplay having following features.

Metro Bus Simulator Drive
Now you will drive city metro bus game on special roads in the city and mountains. city metro bus is a double cabin long 8x8 wheeler metro bus that is driven on special decorated roads in city and mountains. You will enjoy this PK metro bus offroad driving in green mountains in this Delhi metro mountain bus simulator drive game. Tourists bus driving 3D is here to pick passengers, drive this city metro coach bus through the hilly area and drop passengers on their desired destinations. Just like hill tourists metro bus you can drive this red bus as Delhi metro bus in mountains and transfer local passengers, visitors or tourists to their destinations.

Bus Driver 3D
Let's play the most adventures extreme bus game. Bus diver 3d game is full of adventure and thrill to pick up and drop the passengers to their destinations . Bus driver game is fully objective base game in which you have to complete the objective in order to get new objective . Play as a skilled bus driver and transport the passengers to their destinations. Game has different buses based on realistic physics and controls , hill top driving, twisted turns and breathtaking gameplay scenes. This game has hill side environment with different slopes where you can test you driving skills .

Party Bus Driver 2015
It’s not everyday you get to drive a party bus. In this game, you could be the life of the party! This spunky colorful bus is all yours to navigate around the dazzling city!
It’s PARTY TIME! Pick up the most fashionable and rowdy clients and get them pumped for the night with some fun driving. The DJ is playing loud music to set the mood--and it’s your job to amaze everyone with your retro vehicle. Make sure to park carefully and bide your time… you’re on a time limit! The party-goers can’t wait any longer. Gear up for the wildest, craziest ride!

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