Best 5 Truck Driving Simulator Games for Android #40

Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)
Euro Truck Driver lets you become a real trucker! Featuring European trucks with lots of customizations, this truck simulator delivers an exciting driving experience that will make you feel like driving real trucks. Travel across many countries from Europe, visit incredible places like Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Paris and more! Play the career mode of this truck simulator, make money, purchase new trucks and upgrades, explore the trucking world! Challenge your friends with the online multiplayer mode, show off your customized truck! Become the King of The Road by playing Euro Truck Driver!

18 Wheeler Truck Simulator
** Big Trucks got just bigger with our 18 Wheeler Truck Simulator game **
Tighten your seat belt! It’s time to have some fun with this gigantic18 wheeler truck driving simulator.
Be ready for the joy! Drive monster 18 wheeler truck and test your driving skills.Transport heavy deliverable materials, but be careful and don’t drop any of the stuff.

18 Wheels Trucks & Trailers 2
Become the king of the highway as you get ready for the life of a real trucker with this new exciting truck driver experience. You’ll need to complete a selection of missions across different levels before you can really hit the highway with your big rig truck. During these different missions you will gain the experience needed to complete the different tasks at hand.
So if you wanna join a transportation company, you'll need to complete the variety of assignments lay out for you in this fun and exciting driving test. This 3D driving game will learn you a lot about driving big machinery like trucks as you will see that speed will affect your manoeuvrability. 18 Wheels Trucks & trailers 2 is a very original driving simulation game in which for once is not about driving fast and full of high-speed sports cars. This game is all about trucks and trailers, and about precision driving.

Truck Driver Cargo Delivery
Step into a new truck simulator game. Your goal is to deliver cargo loaded on your truck to the destination. Complete different routes and drive through spectacular landscapes and dangerous roads, but beware -- don't lose your cargo.

Truck Driving Expert 3D
Truck Driving Expert 3d is a truck simulator game. In this truck driving game you will get a chance to drive a huge truck and then park it at its particular place. Do you like driving games? If you want to try something different then driving cars then bus driving, this truck driving expert 3d game is for you.
This truck driving expert 3d game is all about how to drive a big truck. If you are not good at driving trucks then don’t worry this truck driving game will teach you how to drive a truck.
Truck Driving Expert 3d Simulator is a Truck driving simulator, in which you must collect heavy goods and deliver them in a heavy truck. This truck game is not like any other truck driving game, this game start with starting your engine in rush city, putting the truck into drive, and then makes your way to the given place, collect your goods, and then carefully drive your truck down the road, turning left and right. Using the guidance of the arrows marked on the road, to the heavy truck parking spot. This truck parking game is not only about delivering the items but also parking it.
In this heavy truck parking 3d game you will get best truck model available to us and you will drive in nice realistic physics control to make results more feasible and clear and provided you with different truck in each environment as per requirement of the season in the scene. You can use this ultimate truck parking rush. You will enjoy the experience of big wheel truck parking in this truck parking simulator.
In this free truck driving game you have to be a responsible driver and carefully drive in this truck driving expert 3d game on the twist of road and heavy traffic like a heavy transport driver . You should carefully drive the truck for finding a place and parking in its right palace and avoid to clash with hurdles. Some obstacles may give you some hard time but you have to drive your truck carefully, without dropping your luggage being transported for the relief of people your job is to reach at required place carefully steering your smooth drive with brake and be the road king.
After successfully finishing the level in this truck simulator game you will open a new exciting level think it like your job and drive latest version of truck on Pak motorway across different cities. We assured you will not be tired by driving this amazing 3d truck driving game with madness until your mobile battery die out without getting any damage to truck.
Interior view and sky view both are provided and unlimited fuel make this game addictive and this game is not specified for certain people everyone can enjoy this game even boys will like this truck parking game more.
Realistic physics and amazing sound effect in this Truck driving expert 3d provided inside the game are really entertaining and will keep you busy and entertained with hand free in your head moving on the road or standing on subway. Truck driving expert 3d with objective drive is ready for you to get duty.

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