Best 5 Train Simulator Games for Android #6

Indonesian Train Simulator
Indonesian Train Simulator is another high quality train simulation game from the stable of Highbrow Interactive, the creators of the mega-successful “Euro Train Simulator" and the path-breaking "Indian Train Simulator".
Indonesian Train Simulator features “Track Changing” and fully functional “Signalling System”. The game boasts a self-sufficient railroad environment where all trains coexist and operate just like in the real world. Dynamic track-changing and sophisticated path selection systems enable all the AI trains to function smartly without stepping on each others’ paths. Since players will now rely entirely on signalling and track changing switches, the paths they take will be one among an exponential set of possibilities. This means they will find themselves stopping their trains on any of the platforms available at each station.
“Drive” - where the player can design a scenario to their preference
“Play Now” - users will instantly begin a simulation put together with randomised preferences
“Career” - features uniquely designed missions

Oil Train Simulator Free Train Driver
Oil Train Simulator a different train simulator game, where you need to drive heavy locomotive and attach huge fuel tankers with it.
The main objective of this "Oil Train Simulator" is transporting fuel game is to transport refined-oil and high flammable gasoline safely to railway gas station. Transporting petrol or gasoline is very dangerous task so be careful. Rush through the landscapes and carry the fuel tankers through the stations and deliver them at the destination. The rail must arrive totally at the station otherwise the tanker cannot be unloaded and the cargo trains delivery will not be complete. Change the camera view; transport tankers to respective destinations.
The best train simulator 3D game with realistic graphics and smooth controls. This game will make you a superb driver in this locomotive games of driving. Choose from a variety of rails designs and train engines to do a test drive on the rail but, be aware that you are transporting diesel, gasoline fraction. So, challenge yourself to become an expert train driver of this heavy fuel transporter locomotive.

Train Simulator Free 2018
PLAY the latest and the most exciting game of 2018 - Train Simulator Free 2018! Release the train brakes and drive ahead at full speed! Drive and operate the train, control the path of the train, pick-up and drop the passengers and earn money to buy more trains!
Be ALERT and fast to choose the right track for your train. You will be entirely dependent on the signals and track changing switches. Blow the horn, drive carefully and avoid train accidents or your game will be over!
STOP the train before you enter the danger zone and safely park in the railway station. Train Simulator Free 2018 is a super fun and addictive game. It has unique trains, challenging track changing missions, multiple camera views and tremendous train speed to explore!
COMPLETE missions to earn game money. You can spend that game money to buy new and faster trains. Train Simulator Free 2018 has a garage with many impressive trains to choose from. Each train is faster and more power packed than the other!
CHANGE the camera view as per your comfort in this exciting Train Simulator Free 2018 game. The railroad environment is self-sufficient and realistic. Enjoy the crowded stations and realistic railway tracks.

Driving Metro Train Sim 3D
Are you train simulator and train games lover? Driving Metro Train Sim will quench your this thirst. This metro train will give you the chance to drive a train in a big city environment. You have to pick passengers from one station and drop them at their destination. This city metro train simulator will test your ultimate pro driving skills. Controlling long vehicle on sharp turns is not an easy task. Traffic is also crossing the railroad, so you have to stay at signals as well. You have to be duo of driver and conductor. You alone have to care about passengers while they travelling with you. This simulation is much different from other Indian trains. The city in which you are driving is of western look. Big buildings are in the surrounding. You will feel yourself in a big American metro. This is game for free for smart phone users, so sit behind the wheels and enjoy this wonderful drive. This Train Simulator 3D available in Simulation category for FREE!
Becoming a train driver within a big city environment will bring a real excitement in your life. As you have to pick passengers from one station and drop them at the other, you will feel yourself like a bus conductor. You can mention this change in your life during 2016. As compare to 4x4 wheels driving, this rail drive will give you an ultimate challenge. To be the most successful train driver, you need to follow the instructions & control the train carefully. You may face many challenges to get through and complete the task, but this game will take you to a different level of satisfaction & fun while playing one of the best train simulator games. Pick up the passengers from stations, carry some freight if demanded, drive and control your train perfectly with modern and new 3D graphics. While playing this game, you will forget other subway train simulator games. This will allow you to become the best train driver! With this Train Simulator 2016 it’s time to fulfill your dreams as you become the pro train operator and engine driver. Change the camera view as per your comfort; pick up all the passengers to drop at their respective destinations.
Your skills will be tested while driving this city metro train. You have to be very careful because on junctions you have to give way to other trains as well. Dodge oncoming trains and do not cross the train’s speed limit. Pick the speed, apply brakes and drive past beautiful sceneries as you go round the map picking up passengers fulfilling your train transport duty. Fasten your seat belts as you will experience the Real Train Simulator closely. This game if perfect for both adults and children.

Hmmsim 2 - Train Simulator
Train simulation game Hmmsim has become new and diverse!
In Hmmsim 2, advanced graphics, new map, outer view of train, dynamic trains and scoring mode has been added.
Also, the performance in BVE Add-On operation has been upgraded, and animation file and doppler sound is available.

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