Best 5 Train Simulator Games for Android #5

Train Simulator 2018
Train Simulator 2018 is the new epic simulator which revives the cool simulation genre and develops a new train simulator game that offers the latest and refreshing experience of train driving. Jump into a big train as its driver and move from one location to another in the latest modern train simulator. As a train driver it is your duty to drive your train safely and drop your passengers at the right station. Stop at signal and let the other trains pass and then start your engine and travel on the tracks. So drive your train and earn rewards to unlock more amazing trains.

Train Sim Builder
Train Sim Builder includes everything you need to build and operate your own dream train world. You can build a fun layout in minutes, or spend hours perfecting your own train environment. Then drive one of the 50 trains included in Train Sim Builder, with full 3D inside cabins & amazingly detailed locomotives.

Train Simulator Games 2018
Train Simulator Games 2018 a new train game to test your driving skills.
"Train Simulator Games 2018" is the best and latest locomotive simulator which allows you to become the excellent rail driver!This professionally made something new for every rail driving lovers.Detailed maps, amazing trains, wonderful features will make you feel like driving a real-train!
The main concept of this game is, you have to be a rails driver by controlling the engine power, go through all subway stations and drop the tourists and passengers safely to their desired railway stations. Clearing each level will test your fine driver skills and make you reach the final destination. Control your favorite historical or modern trains perfectly recreated in this simulation. Be careful to drop all your passengers safely to the destination.
Overcome all challenging routes with control speed, breaks and reach your destination finally.

Classic Train Simulator
Classic Train Sim is the first of its kind high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation games exclusively dedicated to the golden steam engine era. It features some of the most iconic British and American steam locomotives. Its intuitive, easy to use interface lets users play Career Mode to accomplish varied scenarios and unlock new trains and routes.
Classic Train Sim is the first mobile train simulator to feature authentic trains from British train operators. The locomotives have been accurately recreated with maximum attention to detail.

Train Simulator PRO 2018
Have you ever dreamed of being a train engineer? Train Simulator PRO 2018 will let you drive carefully modeled locomotives leading passenger or freight trains across the eastern half of the US. Whether you like fast passenger locomotives or powerful freight movers able to pull dozens of cars, in our game you will find it all. Whatever you choose, you will have to watch out for speed limits, rail crossings, signals and other trains. Plan your route wisely to maximise profits and create the most powerful railway company in the US!
During your travels, you can admire photo-realistic graphics including cities, suburbs, factories, countrysides and many more. Each locomotive includes a carefully-rendered engineer’s cabin with working levers and gauges for maximum realism. However, you have to be careful as driving recklessly or pushing the brakes for too long may damage the train. So put your engineer’s cap on, and let’s get rolling!

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