Best 5 Truck Driving Simulator Games for Android #26

Mercedes Benz Truck Simulator
With this simulator you will become the best Mercedes-Benz truck driver of Rio de Janeiro.
There are five truck models available, following the specifications of Mercedes-Benz, which can be purchased at the dealership Guanabara Diesel. Each with different configurations, being appropriate for various types of cargo transportation.
Always use the proper model for each service that is offered. Heavy models for simple services raise costs, minimizing their profits.

Mega Logging Truck Simulator : Hill Driver Cargo 3
Have you ever tried to drive huge transport truck with trailer? Try it now! It is adventurous cargo transport game, in which your main objective is to drive load logging cargo truck to their destination to make money. Realize the true nature of cargo truck driver, duty by seriously playing and completing missions and task in this off road, cargo transporter simulator 2018. Most competitive pak truck driver, simulator, game.

Truck Simulator America 2 Free
Hey Y'all! Are your ready to drive realistic trucks through United States of America in your mobile? Truck Simulator America 2 is the best heavy vehicle simulator ever made! After years improving the scenario and the trucks, we create the best experience of simulation for you. With more then 100 jobs to complete, choose between 13 heavy vehicles to transport a huge set of cargo across the major cities of United States of America.

Truck Simulator : City
Try to be the best Truck driver in the city, become a real trucker!
Find a trailer with the red indicator on your screen and park your truck to the parking spot by following the green indicator.
You can change position of camera by clicking camera button and change angle of view by swiping on the center of screen.

Asian Truck Simulator 2019: Truck Driving Games
Best truck driving physics and most realistic hilly mountains cargo transport is here for you.
Welcome to new cargo simulator 2018. Drive the truck on mountains and drive the fun of real driving games. Become truck driver, hold the steering of a cargo truck and enjoy the most realistic environment.
Your aim is to transfer lots of cargo items from one place to another within city. You have to enjoy Asian trucks in mountains valleys and enjoy the thrill of hill climbing challenge on difficult off road tracks.

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