Best 5 Truck Driving Simulator Games for Android #23

Truck Simulator 4x4 Offroad
Get ready to take control of big rig trucks, 4x4 offroad trucks, and more in a huge forest and mountain environment: 16 km² area, 30 km of roads to drive on!
Accomplish tons of unique missions to be a top offroad truck driver in one of the best truck driving simulators!
!! Truck Simulator 4x4 Offroad contains 20 action-packed truck driving levels !!
Drive all-new 4x4 trucks and grab hold of the steering wheel to experience truck driving simulators like never seen before. Experience the realistic truck driving in tough muddy hill climb sections, using 4x4 offroad driving, you can conquer driving 4x4 trucks in the most realistic truck simulator!
Explore a whole new massive open world map, filled with tons of beautiful vistas to explore in the best offroad truck simulator.
Drive up close to waterfall cascades and a lake, an ancient temple, a small airport, countryside houses and farms, ruins, camping sites, and loads more...
Drive on roads that vary from 2x2 lanes to very small dirt road up mountains, with a 4x4 offroad hill climb.

Taiga Offroad Trucks Simulator drive 4x4 trucks
Offroad driving is a tough job - experience it yourself behind the wheel of UAZ and other Russian 4x4 trucks and UAZ in our driving simulator! Overcome harsh offroad of Taiga and Russian weather as you complete lots of driving contracts on UAZ or other 4x4 trucks. Try Russian UAZ driving with our new offroad simulator!

Oversized Load Cargo Truck Simulator 2019
Welcome to Truck Trailer Driver 2018 with great Lorry driving oversize cargo truck games with steering and gear gives an opportunity to drive 14 wheeler . Let’s take charge of amazing oversize cargo truck game! You have courage to drive longer cargo carryout on the offroad mountain & hilly area. It is a great test to know that how good are you behind the wheel. Practical & realistic long haul trailer oversize cargo driving missions are waiting for you. Are you ready to perform this difficult task? If yes then you are a true cargo master. But this Truck simulator is not that easy as you need to transport long trailer like Australian road trains. Road trains are truck with multiple trailers and the truck drivers were highly experienced. They have special driving license and they know exactly what they are doing. If you want to transport heavy load and want to become a cargo master than perform this cargo carryout carefully.

Truck Simulator : Offroad
This is the most realistic truck simulator game on android market.
Did you ever stuck in the mud? You will!
If you want to became a truck driver and this is imposibble for some reason for you you have to try this game. Incredible mission, realistic physics and optimizated truly detailed graphics for every device.
You can unlock items and share it on leader boards with your friends.

Offroad Army Cargo Driving Mission
Are you ready for the adventurous army driving game? If yes then welcome to the new free army truck simulation game 2019. As an Army war missile transporter, your duty is to drive the military vehicle like Army tanks, army trucks, long trailers and army jeeps on dirt mountain roads. Transport the nuclear waste, weapons, and many other army logistics to army soldier's check post.
Start your army rescue mission by driving off road army truck on dangerous hilly roads and treacherous terrains. As a US army driver, your duty is to drive military cargo truck through rocky mountain tracks and drop the army cargo goods to the military bases. Drive emergency off-road armed trucker to deliver army surplus to border and command center. Watch out for ground mines.
In Army tank thrilling drive destroy the walls and obstacles by firing bombs. The nuclear waste truck is very dangerous to drive on Dirt road. Challenging drive, limited time and liquid gas transport are the key tasks for a military driver.
Offroad Army Cargo Driving Mission is a not just an army driving simulator but a professional driver duty to transport army officers. Army military base camp is full of Military men, armed forces and commandos. Avoid hitting any of them by driving save with precision on offroad hill tracks. The time is limited for every transportation mission.

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