Best 5 Truck Driving Simulator Games for Android #21

Off-Road USA Trucker Muddy Driving Heavy Cargo
Test the power of 14.8-liter inline six-cylinder diesel engine of American truck driver games on muddy hills and offroad dirt tracks that is surely a difficult job, but one does not have to bother by the intense driving required on dirt tracks and mud patches in this offroad delivery mountain trucker game & become an ultimate american truck muddy truck racer in 8 wheeler American truck.
Get ready to enjoy this cargo delivery American trucker on deep mud tracks and wet silt offroad journeys. Spin tires of this mud runner mountain American truck will help you to not get stuck in wet mud during an offroad journey. Spin tires help to get through deep mud American truck tracks and wet silt offroad journeys quite comfortably. Start your offroad muddy truck duty as the ultimate tow truck driver to lift, park and save busted cars. Drive your trucks in to the challenging routes, enjoy awesome environment, feel living nature, cross deadly rivers and save stacked vehicles from swamps.

Truck Simulator Online Arena
Truck Simulator brings real truck driving experience in different environments (offroad, highways, cities):
- City
- Desert
- Winter
- Mountains
- Forest
- Night
In addition you can drive trucks in online mode with other truck drivers! Hit and destroy other trucks and win online arena challenges!
Trucks have real suspension systems, realistic motor power with gears, trailers and intuitive controls (steering wheel, buttons, gyroscope)
Besides enjoying real truck driving simulation you will get different types of challenges! Pass levels to unlock more vehicles and become a superstar truck driver!

Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey
Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey is the first truck driving simulator that contains the real Turkey map and cities with scaled roads.
You can have a unique driving experience with various trucks and trailers on an enormous map. Each delivery contributes to your budget and helps you to pruchase new trucks.
You will start your journey in Ankara and continue in all the cities of Turkey from west to east.
The game creates an ultimate truck driving experience with the advanced physics engine and realistic truck and trailer models.
You can stop by the roadside showrooms and take a look at the various trucks for sale during your trips.
The game includes the transportation jobs of a wide selection of cargoes including foods, fuel tankers, chemicals, concrete or different construction machines such as excavators, loaders and dozers.
In this simulation, you need to be careful in traffic not to give any damage to the cargo. Damages might decrease your income from the deliveries.
Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey game will continue to have more exciting features in the future.

Truck Simulator USA: Offroad Driving
Truck Simulator USA: Offroad Driving is not only a USA truck simulator game but also a heavy truck cargo transport game. You'll experience driving USA trucks, Euro trucks even the 18 wheel truck to transport various cargoes offroad. Yep, it's true, OFF-ROAD, driving truck offroad. How do you think what the experience you will have? As a truck driver, you should have that experience. There are 8 different trucks in this USA truck Simulator game. And also there are 7 different cargoes awaiting for you. Drive different trucks to transport different cargoes among the cities and towns in a realistic and detailed 3D environment, where no highway but offroad only. Truck driver, it's time to show off your driving skills. Start the truck engine and go forth on the offroad truck driving journey.

Euro Truck Transport Simulator
Since the game is more repeatable, the entire truck simulator is the best and has the most options
New trucks, modes and routes
New park with advanced and traffic system.
To calculate whether it is not you or to be very difficult The fuel that will not fall will pay you enough money
If you've never driven a truck or bus before, this game will give you a great car experience. This is a good driving e
Driving skills and accuracy will be tested in practice!

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