Best 5 Truck Driving Simulator Games for Android #20

Offroad Logging Cargo Truck Semi Trailer : Hill
Presenting brand new Offroad Logging Cargo Truck Semi Trailer : Hill Driver. If you love & fascinate driving heavy semi-trailer trucks on muddy, zig zagging roads of deep forest and mountains then this game is made for you. A great experience of transport of logging, woods, coal, stones on heavy semi trailer cargo truck 3d. A free 3d game for simulations game lovers.
Your heart pumps when you have to drive through steep, zig zag, muddy roads. Your truck ask for upgrades their engines and power when they struck on mud or when you have to drive through high steep and curvy roads.
You will transport, cargo different things based on the mission you have. sometimes you have to transport big logging (wood) and sometimes big stones, crates etc.

Off-Road USA Trucker Muddy Driving Heavy Cargo
Test the power of 14.8-liter inline six-cylinder diesel engine of American truck driver games on muddy hills and offroad dirt tracks that is surely a difficult job, but one does not have to bother by the intense driving required on dirt tracks and mud patches in this offroad delivery mountain trucker game & become an ultimate american truck muddy truck racer in 8 wheeler American truck.
Get ready to enjoy this cargo delivery American trucker on deep mud tracks and wet silt offroad journeys. Spin tires of this mud runner mountain American truck will help you to not get stuck in wet mud during an offroad journey. Spin tires help to get through deep mud American truck tracks and wet silt offroad journeys quite comfortably. Start your offroad muddy truck duty as the ultimate tow truck driver to lift, park and save busted cars. Drive your trucks in to the challenging routes, enjoy awesome environment, feel living nature, cross deadly rivers and save stacked vehicles from swamps.

Zoo Animal Transport Truck 3D Airplane Transporter
Are you a zoo animal transporter lover? If yes then this zoo animal airplane cargo simulator transporter game is made for you. Its an amazing transport truck simulator in urban city where airplane and truck is going to transport zoo animals from city zoo to offroad destination on cargo transporter truck. So utilize your truck driving skills as well as pilot skills in zoo animal transport truck simulator 3D airplane transporter game. Its going to be a pilot plane fun driving adventure. As real truck driver and cargo transporter of zoo and farm animals & enjoy the bumpy ride of cargo transport truck simulator. Only an expert pilot plane airplane transporter game and truck driver can handle transport duty in this truck wild animal transport simulator. Animal Transport simulator is a full time job as this airplane transport helicopter simulator 2018 has so much to offer. As a truck cargo transporter its your responsibility to fulfill driving missions in an ultimate truck driving adventure full of bumpy ride on locomotive engine. This offroad transport truck simulator and airplane cargo simulator doesn’t includes passengers on board for public transportation from one place to other but it’s a real wild animal and farm animal transportation to offroad destination & drive as an expert pilot plane operator to enjoy animal transport truck simulator game.

Extreme Off-Road 4x4 Logging Truck: Highway Driver
Face challenging euro truck driving over offroad 4x4 all-terrain locations. Play 4x4 Logging Truck Real Driver, go offroad with the newest 3D truck simulator game. To transport tree logs and offroad cargo truck containers on hilly areas. Drive the oil tanker on top of mountains for refueling gas station.
Drive authentic euro 4x4 off-road truck in best simulation games for 2018, sit behind heavy truck to climb tallest mountains. Take the toughest job of transporter off-roaad driver in the city. Deliver heavy cargo on huge 6x6 off-road trailer trucks. Drive grand hilux trucks on offroad tracks and maintain heavy load of cargo container and tree logs. Go to lumberjack and pick up some wood logs to load into your lumber trucker. Drive timber lorry and logging trucks on steep mountainous tracks to deliver them in downhill town. The bumpy terrain has narrow roads with mud and sharp turns uphill, which makes it impossible for heavy American truck driver to control the wheels. Remember that speed driving on Rocky Mountains is difficult especially on rugged terrain and treacherous path.

Off road Cargo Truck Sim: Uphill Oil Tanker Driver
Have you ever tried driving an eighteen wheeler in your life? Can you imagine that you can become a real trucker? If not, then don't let your esteem down and become the king of the road by driving this monster truck. just try your skills with our Offroad Cargo Truck Sim Uphill Oil Tanker Driver game with this game you can become a real trucker and offroad legend. In this game you have to choose one heavy truck from three different trucks that are timbler truck, oil tanker and heavy container truck. you have played different trak parking games and also have played lorry driving games but we bet from all these semi truck racing games and lorry games this gametruck is very exciting trucking game for you.
After playing this truck game you will like to play only truck games. If you can play truck games 3d then this truck game will help you to become a simple driver of truck to trucker. Feel yourself as a trucker usa and drive carefully your grand truck usa and experienced a grand trucking experience. Drive your euro truck and become a real truck driver. Drive your timbler truck in a professionel way and drag and drive your truck load within time from one place to other and park you lorry by avoiding any damage.

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