“It is no coincidence that Osmos is called the Game of the Year, which is fantastic. A unique combination of physical models, survival games and classic eat-them-all "- WeDoCode
Welcome to the Darwinian world of the galactic side. To survive, absorb smaller organisms, but beware of large predators. Osmosis combines a unique realistic gameplay based on physical models, great graphics and atmospheric music. Absorb or be consumed!

If you’d visited Stuff HQ in early 2015 and told us mere months later Android would receive the best Pac-Man game ever made, we’d have laughed so hard you’d have been blown out of the window. But the joke would have been on us, because CE DX is marvellous.
Following on from the original Pac-Man Championship Edition, this sequel is a fast-paced time-attack game, where you manage mazes split in half. Clear one side and a special object appears in the other; eat that and the now-empty section is refilled with a new dot configuration.
All the while, you graze sleeping ghosts that awake in a bad mood and follow your every move. The result is the best of Pac-Man and Snake, smushed together and sped up, across ten unique zones.

Travel to the centers of the planets: plunge deep into the earth, destroying the blocks with blows of the ball. The number of shots in each round is limited, and some blocks are attached to the wall, so strategy and aiming strikes are important for winning. Beat as many blocks as possible, get crystals for upgrades and dive deeper and deeper.
Choose enhancements that are perfect for your playing style and strategy, for example: increasing the number of balls, more shots per round, storing more crystals. Fun jumping, move through the automatically created planets to their cores, from one to another.

Play the legendary open space game Deep Silver FISHLABS - including extensive Valkyrie and Supernova extensions!
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a fully optimized version of Google Play for the highly acclaimed space military commercial simulator. Thanks to the incredible 3D graphics and unique gameplay, the game is rightfully recognized as a model of space games for smartphones and tablets!

Create your SHOW. Discover Edemburg. Get out of there alive. JYDGE is a top-down anti-roguelike shooter full of righteous violence: become SIDAY and crush crime in the never-sleeping metropolis of Edemburge.
Create your style of play by improving your HUD by modifying the "Verdict" rifle and choosing fearless companions to complete your tasks.
- Choose cybernetic implants, devices, modifications of weapons and companions forming more than BILLION of various combinations.
- Carry out ruthless justice with bullets, rockets, lasers, electricity and other lethal means of the law.
- Perform heroic feats to get medals and unlock new equipment.

5 BEST SHOOTING GAME FOR ANDROID #2 5 BEST SHOOTING GAME FOR ANDROID #2 Reviewed by vrgameapk on June 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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