5 Best Offroad Games For Android

Truck simulator: Offroad
This is the most realistic truck simulator on the market android games.
Have you ever been stuck in the mud? You will be! If you like this was a truck driver and you have to try this game for that reason imposibbl for you. Incredible mission, optimizated really detailed graphics, and realistic physics for each device.

Truck Simulator 4x4 Offroad
Get ready to take control of big rig trucks, 4x4 offroad trucks, and more in a huge forest and mountain environment: 16 km² area, 30 km of roads to drive on! Accomplish tons of unique missions to be a top offroad truck driver in one of the best truck driving simulators!

Offroad Truck Simulator 3D
Be an offroad driver! Explore the roads full of dirt, rocks, and other obstacles!

Sit behind the steering wheel of a cargo truck transporting goods and drive down offroad terrain, hills and mountains to deliver your cargo to the customer! Be accurate on dangerous road twists to deliver cargo undamaged playing Offroad Truck Simulator 3D!

Logging Truck Simulator 2
Meet the sequel of Logging Truck Simulator 2! All your favorite features plus a lot of new.
Get ready for challenging delivery missions. Explore the locations and enjoy the logging truck simulator atmosphere. Try to transport timber cargo to sawmills and other points, race your truck but be accurate! Complete interesting missions in the simulator and enjoy the offroad atmosphere. It is a great cargo truck simulator for real men!

Offroad Truck Driving Simulator Free
Drive your truck through dangerous hilly offroad paths to reach your destination!
Strap on your seat-belts and go off onto the mountainous offroad path in this latest exciting and adventurous game - Offroad Truck Driving Simulator Free!
Offroad Truck Driving Simulator Free is an action-packed truck simulator game wherein you have to pick and drop different cargo. Drive carefully through dangerous offroad terrains because every time you crash your truck will be damaged and you will fail the level!
Detailed trucks, realistic interiors and a beautiful open world hill environment will make you feel like you are driving a real truck on a hill!
Complete challenging missions and upgrade your truck for better controls and more power.

Each level of Offroad Truck Driving Simulator Free is more challenging and more exciting than the previous one!

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