5 Best Games Like GTA for Android

9mm HD
With a more linear take on the map, 9mm focuses on nailing the action, setting, and overall tone of GTA more than emulating the big sandbox.
With plenty of sex, drugs, blood, violence, and foul language, 9mm immediately brings to mobile platforms that thugs-and-gangsters vibe Rockstar has cultivated over the years. As John "Loose" Kannon, a corrupt narcotics officer, you play through the aftermath of killing a drug lord's brother and stealing millions in cold, hard cash.
As the title of the game might have subtly hinted, guns play a very prominent role in this game, with constant shootouts against gangsters and bodyguards who want you dead. Fortunately, Gameloft nailed another classic Rockstar staple: bullet-time. Kannon can activate bullet-time just like Max Payne, making swiss-cheesing your enemies extra entertaining.

Real Gangster Crime 2
With an open world Rio and plenty of people to kill, Real Gangster Crime 2 is an antic-filled title that captures the zaniest parts of GTA.
This title focuses a lot more on the rampaging sprees players adore from GTA and gives the player plenty of options in how they would like to do them. Cars, helicopters, and yes, tanks, make their appearance, as does a variety of weapons that would make John Wick smile.
Real Gangster Crime 2 is less polished and not as pretty as some of the others on this list, but it does not fall short on fun.
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Another title from Gameloft, City of Saints focuses fully on encompassing every aspect of GTA.
No longer linear or story-based like 9mm, you can explore Rio by foot, car, helicopter, or tank to your heart's content. That's right, you can get your grubby mitts on tanks. Certainly sounds like Grand Theft Auto now, don't it?
The game has day and night cycles, more than 60 missions, collectibles, and a wide arsenal of both weapons and clothing. All that, and the game still manages to look pretty damn good for a mobile game.

Grand Gangsters 3D
Fifteen weapons and cars, six different types of vehicle theft missions, and four giant sections of the city for you to explore. Grand Gangsters 3D continues the trend of open-world free-for-alls against cops and gangsters but also puts emphasis on Grand Theft Auto in the literal sense.
The focus on stealing cars in a variety of entertaining ways is a unique twist that also calls to fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise and sets itself apart from the competition.

Gangstar Vegas - mafia game
Yet another title from Gameloft, but this time, it's the big daddy of GTA clones on the mobile market. In short, Gangstar Vegas is the biggest and baddest of them all.
As boxer Jason Malone, you find yourself on a kingpin's hit list after accidentally winning a match you swore to throw. Now hunted by his men, you decide the City of Sin needs a new ruler and that you will take it by force.

More maps, more vehicles, more guns, more clothes, more missions, more challenges, more everything. Gangstar Vegas is essentially Grand Theft Auto reincarnated in a mobile form.

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